Welcome to the home of the Unlimited Skills programme.


A training initiative like you have never seen before.

 SBA Project CIC are excited to offer this new training initiative, it has been designed to help people gain additional skills either in the workplace tailored to suit business needs or to help people who are unemployed but do not feel ready to undertake a full qualification.


Learners will be rewarded with a skills badge upon completion. This programme can be delivered to two groups of people.



  1. We offer the courses fully funded to help Unemployed people who are aged 16 or over. If you are unemployed and are looking to boost your CV you can join one of the workshops in your area for one or more of the skills. They are short courses and delivery takes one or two days depending on the group size and group interaction. You can choose to take more than one subject and collect skills badges to add to your CV – we like to think of this as a grown up version of Scouts or Brownies in the way they would complete skills tasks and collect badges for their sashes. We are offering badges to add to your CV’s.

These courses are helpful if you have been unemployed for a long period of time, if you have recently left educations and want to move into employment, if you have any issues around confidence or learning or if your employment has been effected by recent cuts and unemployment rates.


Additional support will be provided to learners upon completion to help them prepare for job applications, interviews and eventually find employment. 

These workshops are 


   2. Employees – we can also offer a longer tailored version of these skills to employers to help boost employee productivity, retention and morale. Employees perform better when they feel that their employer has invested in them. Our courses can be tailored to suit your business objectives and delivered in the workplace.



For employers we are offering an “Approved” badge. This is a way for employers to show support for the initiative. If an employer has one or more of these workshops delivered in house they will be rewarded with a badge and a charter to show that they are committed to the development of their employees and recognise the difference that these programmes can make.


An employer can also choose to support the programme by offering to display the badge and charter and offer job interviews to any unemployed person who has these skills badges on their CV’s as long as they meet the criteria of the vacancy being advertised.


Employers who support the programme will be known as “Unlimited Skills Approved Employers”



For more information about this programme please feel free to contact Shona Lomas on 0739950261 or email shona@sbaproject.org.uk we can arrange an initial telephone call to answer any questions.

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