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Our little family run business is growing at a very fast pace!

When asked “what do we do” it can be difficult to answer because we do not only provide one service, we offer flexible ways of working with different people and never shy away from a new project.

Our company has clear objectives which help others understand what we are trying to achieve and how potential partners can work with us.

· To work with all organisations that have networks of adults who are looking to gain qualifications and find employment and offer support in all areas – we currently work with Training Providers, Job Centres, YMCAs, NCS, Employers, Salvation Army, Local Enterprise Partnerships, Local Authorities and to name a few. We are working to deliver funded pre employment courses, non-accredited skills workshops and community led skills and recruitment projects. We will not turn away the chance to work with an organisation who are looking to improve Adult Education and Employment in an area.

· To create a space and platform for all organisations who work with different groups of adults to network, communicate and share best practices – we host and attend events to network and create an environment where like minded people can talk and share ideas. We are also working to build a community area on our website where organisations will be invited to post and share policies and best practices around Adult Education and Employment. We can only succeed in making a difference if we all share and work together.

· To ensure that policies and processes are streamlined across all UK employers to help retain employees and continue their personal development – we have been speaking with employers who are keen investors in their employees to deliver our Unlimited Skills training programme as well as connect with employers who take on our learners once they have completed courses. Employers are advised to continue the learner’s development once in employment and if help is needed we work in a consultancy manner to design ongoing development and career progression plans.

· To campaign and raise awareness of adults who need additional support in gaining qualifications and finding employment – It feels good to be so involved in this sector. Many of the people we speak to do not know that there is help out there for them. Young people have such a strong voice when they are campaigning for their own groups to be heard – no one is really out there developing larger scale Adult Education and Employment projects. Given the chance most adults we speak to really want to be taken seriously but they feel that being out of work for long periods of time puts them down the ladder and they lose enthusiasm, courage and ambition. We know this is the case and want to help and raise awareness of opportunities in areas where we develop projects.

To sum up – “SBA work with unemployed adults to help them gain skills, qualifications and find employment. We will also work with any organisation trying to achieve the same.”

We are already working hard in all areas of our objectives. It is important to display objectives so we do not change our end goals, we do not want to lose sight of why we are in this business or why we come to work every day.

We are passionate about what we do here – watch this space!

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