• Shona Lomas

Funded Unlimited Skills Training Workshops

The Unlimited Skills Programme is a series of skills based workshops that will help unemployed people gain knowledge of certain skills required to thrive in the workplace, it will help them to recognise skills within themselves that they might use in every day life that can be transferred to the workplace and they will really think about what type of career they hope to achieve. A new CV will be created and job applications completed.

All of the workshops are one and two day workshops – they are participation workshops with no final exam.

All learners receive a skills badge for their CV and a certificate of completion and support into permanent employment.

The subjects the workshops cover are:

  • Basic Inside Sales Skills

  • Customer Service Skills

  • Office and Administration Skills

  • Employability Skills

  • Preparing to return to work

They can be delivered remotely or as a group of up to 7 people at a time.

My organisation is funded by community grants to help people gain skills, education and find permanent employment.

They are aimed at people aged 16 and over.

We have a real focus at the moment of helping people who might not be ready to take on a full accredited qualification but to introduce them to the world of work by boosting their CV and knowledge of basic vocational training.

We also have a focus on helping young people who either choose to follow a path straight into employment rather than move into Further/ Higher Education. the workshops help to give an insight as to what is required in certain roles and a basic knowledge of the skills needed. It will also give material to add to their brand new CV's.

I would be happy to speak with you about these programmes and my organisation in more detail if you are interested.

I look forward to your response.

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