SBA Approved Members

SBA Project CIC are a small but rapidly growing Not For Profit specialising in Adult Education and Employment. 

We aim to work with organisations that support, train and recruit these individuals through a new and exciting opportunity with the introduction of our SBA Approved Members programme.

Working collaboratively has never been more important.

Recruit well, increase staff retention and improve productivity!


Access a pool of newly trained and skilled unemployed adults

SBA Project CIC run fully funded Pre Employment Courses across the country. All of our learners will have had the most recent industry relevant training, they are available immediately for work, they are keen to start, progress and have already shown initiative by attending our courses, choosing to add value to their CV and skill set. 

Advertise vacancies to our networks of learners and training providers for no additional cost!

Advertise an unlimited amount of vacancies and recruitment drives on our website throughout the year at no extra cost. Work with us to run courses that will coincide with and feed into your recruitment drives. 

Reach your desired market at no extra cost! 

Tailored delivery of an Unlimited Skills workshop to your customer service or telesales/inside sales teams.

 Our trained experts will work you to tailor our Unlimited Skills workshops to help improve productivity of your customer service and sales teams, the courses are designed to increase product and skills knowledge, improve outcomes, support business objectives and increase staff retention. 

SBA - Unlimited Skills Approved - Badge.

Becoming an SBA Approved Member shows potential candidates that you are dedicated to the well being and fair employment of your staff. 

By signing up as a member you will have access to the SBA Approved Charter of Fair Employment.