Here at SBA Project CIC we specialise in Adult Education and Employment. We work with individuals and organisations to lower unemployment rates, increase the number of skilled workers and campaign to improve the sector.

Smart Business Assistance was set up in 2017 by Shona Lomas. Previously a consultant to organisations who were introducing apprenticeships, in house training and bespoke recruitment drives, we are now in a position where we work collaboratively with leading organisations in the sector on a variety of Adult Employment and Education projects.

Since January 2018 we have been working with a number of training providers to help run courses that are funded by the Adult Education Budget and other funding organisation from the sector. 

Due to our success rates in getting people qualified and into work once they have completed courses our reputation has grown quickly across the UK and we have fast become the “Go To” organisation to provide this service. We now offer a wide range of courses in all areas of the UK. 

We are also lead project managers on the new Unlimited Skills training initiative that has drawn interest from a wide range of Training Providers, Employers, Local Authorities, Local Enterprise Partnerships and Professional Bodies and campaign to improve employment, delivery and upskilling practices.

Our Key Objectives

  • To work with all organisations that have networks of adults who are looking to gain qualifications,find employment and offer support in all areas

  • To create a space and platform for all organisations who work with different groups of adults to network, communicate and share best practices 

  • To ensure that policies and processes are streamlined across all UK employers to help employ new members of staff, retain current employees and continue the personal development of employees

  • To campaign and raise awareness of adults who need additional support in gaining qualifications and finding employment 

SBA Project CIC Company Values 

Ambition - Our Ambition is improve the Adult Education and Employment Sector 

Dedication - Our team are dedicated to increasing the number of skilled, permanently employed Adults throughout the UK 

Collaboration - To work with all organisations who recruit, network with or train unemployed adults

Inclusion - We do not discriminate. We will help all adults no matter what their learning abilities are, background they are from or challenges they face

Conclusion - to remain focussed on our end goal.